Delyth Bolt


Artist Statement 2018


I have enjoyed responding in a contemporary way to The Close of the Silver Age by Lucas Cranach the Elder, c. 1527-35, currently displayed in the National Gallery.















Artist Statement 2017


This year, I have been creating figures from abstract marks and random gestures using layers of oil paint glazes. I like the random nature of this method and the surprise when a figure eventually emerges.

It reminds me of ‘automatism’, the surrealist approach to drawing and painting that allowed the subconscious to guide the mark making rather than the conscious mind.


A year drawing at City Lit has also led me to create figures in other ways- using paper stencils, stitching, frottage - and I am continuing to play with these methods, also trying to bring in a random and surprise element by screwing up paper figures as a basis for drawing.

I like the large heads of some of the figures and the precarious unbalanced feeling this provokes.